Rhonda Harper

Dallas, TX



15+ Years Experience

Over 15 years, Rhonda Harper has been retained by more than 100 law firms and provided testimony more than 50 times in depositions and trials.

Real World Expertise

With 30+ years of professional experience, Rhonda Harper is a former Fortune 100 CMO, Serial Entrepreneur, and Adjunct Business and MBA Professor.


Rhonda Harper has been retained across a wide array of areas, including areas of Lanham Act Trademark, Trade Dress, and Advertising (e.g. Likelihood of Confusion, Secondary Meaning, Genericness, Dilution, Misleading Advertising), Patent Infringement, Defamation, Commercial Reasonableness, Licensing, Retail Merchandising, Consumer Privacy and Fraud.

Rhonda Harper is Courtroom Qualified: Federal, State, Jury and Bench, JAMS, TTAB, DE Chancery, International. Class Action Cases. Virtually all Circuits covered.

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More info: https://linkedin.com/in/rhondaharper

Bodum USA, Inc. v. A Top New Casting, Inc. - $2 Million Win

Rhonda Harper conducted one trade dress survey and provided two rebuttal reports.

Tinnus Enterprises, LLC and Zuru Ltd. v. Telebrands Corporation - $30 Million Win

Rhonda Harper conducted three surveys and provided two rebuttal reports.

B.A.G. Corporation v. Sheldon Containers Inc. - $90,000 Win

Rhonda Harper provided consulting and an expert report.