Since 2005, Rhonda has provided expert testimony for more than 95 law firms, large and small.

She is expert in the following areas: Lanham Act; Licensing, Commercial Reasonableness; Retail Merchandising / Injury; Misleading Advertising; and more.



Rhonda has generated more than 90 expert reports, including 20 rebuttal reports.

Harper has also conducted 50 trademark and trade dress surveys.

She has been deposed about 50 times and served in about 20+ trials and arbitrations.


Rhonda's fees are $600 per hour or $300 per hour for non-working travel time.

Surveys average $35k plus sample cost. A non-refundable 50% plus estimated sample cost is due upfront. If a report is requested, final payment is due upon receipt.

Rebuttal reports average $15k and 'white paper' briefs, depending the the topic and substance, between $25k - $50k.

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About Rhonda Harper

FORTUNE 500 EXECUTIVE  Harper is a former CMO/VP of Marketing for Walmart Sam's Club, CMO/VP of Marketing for VF Corp / VFI, and Global Director of Marketing Communications for UPS.

FORTUNE 500 STRATEGIC CONSULTANT Harper founded and led RTM&J Strategic Marketing & Management Consultancy from 2002-2010. Her clients included C-Suites for many Fortune 500 corporations.

ENTREPRENEUR Harper created the senior care auditing service with the launch of Penrose Senior Care Auditors, now called Penrose Check-In Services: checking in on families and reporting to families. She also co-founded Leadership Worth Following, a premier leadership identification and coaching firm.

EDUCATOR With a BS in Education / Math Resource from Illinois State University and and MBA from Emory University, Harper has taught high school math as well as undergraduate and MBA marketing.

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