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How much do surveys cost?

Generally, surveys cost $30,000 in fee plus $5,000 in sample costs.  I require 50% of the fee plus the entire sample cost upfront in a nonrefundable retainer. This fee covers all costs up to and including the top line oral findings. At that point, you may ask for the report to be written or not. The remaining fees cover the writing of the report.

How long to surveys take to complete?

Ideally, I like 4-6 weeks to administer and report on a survey. It can be done more quickly with rush charges applied. Each of the following steps take about a week each:  Methodology Determined / Sample Purchased; Survey Created, Programmed, and Tested; Survey Fielded; Survey Analyzed; Survey Report Written.

How much do non-survey reports cost?

It depends. A good place for estimation purposes is $25,000.

Do you have any assistants or other staff working with you?

No. All work is completed by Rhonda Harper.

Harper relies on Marketing Research standards and ethics, experience, and on treatises by Swann, Diamond, McCarthy, Thornburg, Ford and more.

Have you ever sued or been sued?


Do you carry professional insurance?


Has your work ever been restricted by the courts?

Unfortunately, out of fourteen years, 95 law firm clients, and 200 projects, four have been excluded.

(1) One of four surveys for Hogslat was not allowed as the underlying raw data was no longer available. It had been done 4 years earlier.

(2) A non-traditional damages assessment for Tovey was not allowed. Nike would not provide any data for any traditional assessment to be made.

(3) A survey for Pinchers was not allowed as it was a forward survey, not a reverse survey. The client had made a compelling case for the forward survey due to being in a tourist area.

(4) A survey for YellowFin was not allowed due to the location of the survey, the International Yacht Show where alcohol was served. In addition, the client had graphic images of yacht profiles made as it was impossible to get similar images of very expensive yachts.