Rebuttal Surveys and Reports by Rhonda Harper

Rhonda Harper is routinely retained to formulate expert rebuttal critiques or construct rebuttal surveys to show the potential difference in results with properly designed and executed surveys. Specifically, she provides assessments of the degree to which surveys conform to generally-accepted principles of proper survey research. She has extensive experience and a deep understanding of survey design, sampling, question construction, data analysis, and methodological pitfalls that introduce bias or systematic error. Harper also provides guidance on how to approach the opposing expert’s deposition.   

About Rhonda Harper LLC – Expert Witness

Located in Dallas, TX, Rhonda Harper has been retained by 95 law firms since 2013. With a focus on Trademark Infringement and Deceptive Advertising cases, Harper has conducted 50+ Likelihood of Confusion and Secondary Meaning surveys. She has been deposed ~50 times and served in ~20+ trials and arbitrations.

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